BGG announces results of a human clinical study on a synergistic formula for eye health

Published: 5-May-2021

Building on 25 years of innovative leadership, BGG provides consumer product makers with efficacious ingredients of outstanding quality

BGG World (BGG) has announced that a new clinical trial conducted as a collaboration between BGG and one of Japan’s leading supplement brands was successfully completed and published on a synergistic combination containing 200 mg of MyrtiPro — BGG’s standardised bilberry extract containing 36% of anthocyanins by HPLC — 6 mg of Astazine Natural Astaxanthin and 10 mg of lutein.

The registered, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study was done on 44 healthy subjects experiencing eye fatigue during visual display terminal operations supplemented for 6 weeks.

Statistically significant results were found in the treatment group on key areas of eye health, including

  • improved visual acuity (ability to see fine print and details)
  • reduction of trouble focusing the eyes
  • improvement in the percentage of pupillary response after use of visual display terminals.

BGG’s Global Chief Scientific Officer, Yanmei Li, PhD, noted: “Work at visual display terminals is a very common cause of visual fatigue. It is estimated that more than 60% of visual display terminal users experience eye symptoms while more than 20% experience other issues such as musculoskeletal problems."

"Given the millions of people using visual display terminals these conditions affect a substantial percentage of the population. We are very excited about the eye health benefits by this synergistic formula that is adding clinical evidence to support such a common discomfort.”

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