Well Science partners with BGG to deliver innovative nutrition for the pollen season

Published: 4-Apr-2023

Well Science is incorporating BGG’s patented ingredient, ApplePhenon, into its newly launched BlossomUp product

Well Science AG and BGG World (BGG) have developed an innovative product for the pollen season, by blending scientifically proven nutritional ingredients. Well Science AG is incorporating ApplePhenon, a naturally derived ingredient characterised by a unique, complex, and scientifically evaluated phytochemical profile, into its new product, BlossomUp. 

BlossomUp is a blend of Bifidobacterium, ApplePhenon, and natural vitamin C, which delivers a unique triple action formula that helps support respiratory health throughout the pollen season. The product has already been launched in both France and Germany, with expansion into other markets planned for later in the year. 

ApplePhenon has been clinically proven to support respiratory health during the pollen season

“I am happy and honoured; my dream has become reality”, said Sebastien Holvoet, Founder and of BlossomUp. “I have been studying the activity of Bifidobacterium and apple polyphenols to alleviate allergic manifestations due to pollen since 2011, and finally we have launched a product marrying both polyphenols and probiotics that I extensively studied for this exact goal. Additionally, we decided to incorporate a natural source of vitamin C, which contributes to the normal function of the immune system, plus helps with the reduction of fatigue which is typical for people suffering during the pollen season.”

“The pollen season is problematic for 20% of the European population, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). This makes for an interesting area for the development of new products in the nutritional space,” said Christian Artaria, CEO of BGG Europe SA. “The partnership with Well Science combines over 10 years of research by Sebastien Holvoet into pollen allergies, with BGG’s and Asahi Breweries’ 20 years developing ApplePhenon. ApplePhenon has been clinically proven to support respiratory health during the pollen season, and we are happy that a well-known researcher like Dr Holvoet, who deeply investigated ingredients to help with respiratory conditions, has recognised its efficacy and has selected it for this new product development.”

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