Activ'Inside Manufacturing, from active ingredients to customised turnkey contract manufacturing solutions

Published: 27-Apr-2023

A personalisable, one-stop shop contract manufacturing service at booth I28

Created in 2009, over the years Activ'Inside has become a company recognised for its know-how in active botanical ingredients for food supplements. Building on its success and the expertise it has acquired in the scientific, analytical, regulatory and marketing fields, the company wishes to accelerate its development by offering a 360° service from scientifically validated ingredients to customised dietary supplements through its full contract manufacturing service producing in-house  finished products.

With different doses, regulations and health claims needed to take into consideration, the process of developing a food supplement is never the easiest and time-to-market may be affected. This is why the company decided to use their expertise in the science of botanical extracts to help customers to simplify the formulation process with the Activ'Inside Fast Track Formulation™ – an advanced patented digital tool that accelerates and facilitates the formulation phase of developing a food supplement. This formulation tool will be one of the stepping stones to offering clients and partners a complete single point of contact service where customisable dosage forms such as gummies, capsules, and sticks are an option.

Activ'Inside personalisable private labelling service which includes an application lab, allows clients and partners to customise and develop their formulation and set their food supplement apart.

Today, it is safe to say that Activ'Inside are the only contract manufacturer that offers a one-stop-shop and client-centric contract manufacturing service from sourcing to finished products with patented active ingredients that are backed-by-science and proven to work in a short period of time.

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