Swedencare launches its pet brand NaturVet in Europe

Published: 29-Apr-2024

The company expands its presence in the pet health community by launching NaturVet in Europe, after its successful launch in the US

NaturVet, a pet brand focusing on bolstering health and wellness, has now been released in Europe by Swedencare. This marks a significant moment as the company introduces a line of products celebrated for quality and trustworthiness, now adapted to European standards.

NaturVet has been producing pet supplements for 30 years, and has been part of the Swedencare family since 2022. The brand is in the process of evolving its product range, bringing novel innovations to the market.

The European-made range of NaturVet by Swedencare soft chews embodies a fusion of American innovation and local quality, meeting the unique needs of European pets and their families. 

For Swedencare’s retail and distribution partners, NaturVet by Swedencare represents an opportunity to enrich the offerings with a brand that’s already proven its value to consumers in the US. 



The launch event will coincide with Interzoo on May 7th at Swedencare’s booth 9-428, where attendees can experience the unveiling firsthand of all the products across seven therapy areas. 

Simultaneously, NaturVet by Swedencare will also initially be available for purchase on Amazon in the UK, ensuring accessibility to pet parents across Europe from day one.


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