NutraEx unveils novel sugar inhibitor, BI-Sugar, at IFT-FIRST 2024

Published: 8-Jul-2024

The functional food acts as a sugar inhibitor and can assist consumers in effective weight management and blood glucose control

NutraEx Food, a supplier of natural sweeteners, has launched BI-Sugar, a sweetener that actively inhibits the digestion of sugar, according to the company.

BI-Sugar is produced through dry-embedding, which bonds L-arabinose to sucrose and another natural sweetener, such as the commonly used stevia and monk fruit varieties. 


Diminishing calorific intake and glycemic index

According to NutraEx, BI-Sugar can facilitate the reduction of calorific intake from sucrose, while also acting as a glycemic inhibitor — delaying and partially blocking the conversion of sucrose to monomers like fructose and glucose.

This means that food manufacturers replacing standard sugars with BI-Sugar could offer products that don’t trigger the blood sugar spike associated with sucrose, resulting in sustained energy release and allowances in weight management. 

The sweetener can be used in a range of contexts, including beverages, confectionary baking, dairy and dietary supplements, and has been described as bringing a ‘caramel-like’ flavour when incorporated.

It is also made from Generally Recognised as Safe (GRAS) ingredients.



For those looking to sample BI-Sugar, it will be available at the IFT First Expo at Booth 3502.

Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at NutraEx, Harvey Martens, stated: “BI-Sugar is not just another sweetener. It's a highly functional solution that will empower food and beverage manufacturers to take their sugar reduction strategies to a new level and set them apart in a highly competitive market.”

“Furthermore, our unique embedding process means the ingredients in BI-Sugar work together in synergy for perfectly balanced, bright clean sweetness. With embedding, there is also no separation or settling of different volume density ingredients during storage, transportation, or handling by machinery.”

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