Isospec launches analysis technology to identify unknown molecules

Published: 16-Apr-2024

The novel technology can facilitate the detection of trace amounts of unidentified molecules in nutraceutical formulations

When developing new drugs, nutritional products, or pesticides, it’s critical that unknown molecules are identified correctly. However, accurate identification is a lengthy process and all too often unsuccessful, leading to failed regulatory processes, or even the endangerment of consumer health.

To tackle this issue, Isospec Analytics has raised $1.9M to commercialise new technologies for molecular analysis that rapidly identify unknown molecules in minutes, helping nutrition companies develop safer products and enabling researchers to discover new biomarkers.

Isospec’s $1.9M pre-seed round is led by Founderful (formerly Wingman Ventures), with additional participation from specialised investors, and Venture Kick. 

Today, identifying an unknown molecule is primarily based on mass analysis, which does not provide sufficient information. 

Identifying a by-product or an impurity requires the combination of high sensitivity to detect trace amounts in a sample, coupled with the ability to generate data that can definitively identify the structure of a molecule. Existing tools lack either one or both of these capabilities. 

However, Isospec’s technology generates unique, information-rich metrics that allow for the rapid identification of unknown molecules in minutes instead of months, bringing unprecedented scalability to molecular identification. 

Originating from the Laboratory of Molecular Physical Chemistry (LCPM) at EPFL, Isospec’s breakthrough technology is already being used in the analysis of sugars and metabolites within the food and agritech industry to carry out quality control and support product R&D. 







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