GenoPalate introduces personalised protein & fibre supplement tailored to your DNA

Published: 15-May-2024

The supplement forms allow consumers to receive tailored supplement solutions to consumers based on their genetic profile

GenoPalate, a US nutrigenomic platform, has launced GenoBlend, a plant-based protein and fibre powder customised to meet the unique genetic nutritional needs of each individual. Formulated with ingredients including organic pea protein, organic brown rice protein, organic citrus and oat fibre, GenoBlend offers a tailored approach to dietary supplements.


Enhancing protein and fibre intake

Recent advancements in nutritional genetics have enabled GenoPalate to develop GenoBlend, which utilises an individual's genetic profile to optimise their intake of protein and fibre, enhancing overall wellness. This personalised approach is designed to support better digestive health, weight management and energy levels.

"Personalised nutrition is the future of wellness," said Dr Asif Naseem, CEO of GenoPalate. "With GenoBlend, we're providing a product that is high in quality and also tailored to the genetic makeup of each customer, ensuring they receive the optimal blend of nutrients required by their bodies."

GenoBlend can feasibly integrate into any diet and is especially suited for those who seek to maximise their wellness based on their unique genetic insights. This innovation represents a significant step forward in making personalised nutritional science accessible and actionable for everyday use.

Each serving of GenoBlend provides a source of plant-based proteins and fibres that are essential for a balanced diet. The use of organic and all-natural ingredients ensures that customers are receiving a pure product free from additives and preservatives.


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