US commercial launch of Curcuwin Ultra+ kicks off with new joint health and mobility study

Published: 21-Jul-2022

OmniActive Health Technologies is pleased to announce its latest clinical study results supporting the launch of Curcuwin Ultra+, the latest addition to the company’s branded curcumin portfolio

The company is expecting its new science demonstrating strong clinical efficacy to be published later this year.

The clinical trial was designed as a prospective, randomised, double-blind, parallel, placebo-controlled study involving 135 subjects with mild knee osteoarthritis.

They received 250 mg (50 mg curcuminoids) or 500 mg (100 mg curcuminoids) of Curcuwin Ultra+ per day for 84 days. Both doses of Curcuwin Ultra+ resulted in early onset efficacy, as early as day 5, for overall joint health comfort and mobility. These benefits of Curcuwin Ultra+ persisted throughout the study.

“The results of this robust study demonstrated that a low dose of just 250 mg (50 mg curcuminoids) of Curcuwin Ultra+ may serve as a unique nutritional solution for managing issues related to knee joint comfort and mobility including cartilage health,” said Deshanie Rai, Ph.D., FACN, VP, Global Scientific and Regulatory Affairs at OmniActive.

Earlier this year, a pharmacokinetic study, which was published in Advances in Therapy, demonstrated that the same 250 mg dose of Curcuwin Ultra+ was 144 times more bioavailable and absorbed 40% faster than a standard curcumin extract.

Deshanie went on to state: “The combined findings demonstrate that with Curcuwin Ultra+, less is more. We are thrilled with the results; this is groundbreaking for the curcumin market.”

The complete joint health and mobility study results will be available once it has been published. Those who are interested in formulating with Curcuwin Ultra+ are encouraged to contact OmniActive.

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