Unibar launches Maitake Pt78 for improved immune support

Published: 23-Sep-2020

Unibar, a supplier of high-quality, science-based ingredients, has launched Maitake Pt78, a clinically validated immune modulating mushroom extract, which helps to support the body’s first line of defence within the immune system

Derived from the maitake mushroom fruit body, Maitake Pt78 sets itself apart from other mushrooms with its enhanced ability to provide immune support.

Maitake mushrooms are rich in minerals, vitamins, amino acids and beta-glucan, a protein bioactive that stimulates immune functions within the cells to improve necessary cytokine modulation.

To do this, the beta-glucans bind to macrophages, either activating or inhibiting the release of key cytokines.

The Maitake Pt78 extract’s unique ability to source the glucan-protein complex creates a powerful source of immune boosting monosaccharides. The extract uses a proprietary manufacturing process that ensures a highly potent and pure ingredient that delivers optimal results at as low a dosage as 15 mg per day.

“Right now, consumers want products that will allow them to better control their health and improve their immune health. The clinical studies on maitake mushrooms have shown that it provides significant support to the immune system by helping to activate T cells and influencing a proper cytokine response,” said Mr Sevanti Mehta, President of Unibar.

“Maitake Pt78 is an affordable and high-quality ingredient that is designed to help the body better support healthy immune function by balancing the inflammatory response, promoting healthy cellular function and enhancing the body’s immune defences."

"These three benefits deliver a much-needed balance to the immune response, meeting current demand for functional ingredients that will make a difference during today’s health challenges.”

Maitake Pt78 is suitable for a wide variety of product applications and formats, including multivitamin, immune support, travel, stress and sports performance formulas for all ages. Maitake Pt78 is also manufactured according to ISO, cGMP, HAACP and PMDA requirements and is GRAS.

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