Revival Point launches Total Male Vitality featuring  RipFACTOR muscle accelerator

Published: 11-Apr-2024

The new product can enhance strength, offer improved endurance and improve physique

PLT Health Solutions has announced that Revival Point, a health and wellness company specialising in creating health supplements, has launched a new men’s health product called Total Male Vitality. 

The new product features PLT’s RipFACTOR Muscle Accelerator, an award-winning ingredient that has been shown in multiple gold standard clinical studies to enhance muscle strength and endurance and contribute to muscle growth, as well as increased testosterone levels. 

Total Male Vitality represents Revival Point’s first entry into the men’s health category. 

Total Male Vitality also features ZinMax zinc picolinate for hormone and immune support, as well as vitamin D3 and folate to support general health.

Kendal LaFleur, Product Development Manager for Revival Point, comments: The combination of benefits and the clinical support behind RipFACTOR is like nothing else on the market today, in the sense that it helps you build more muscle in half the time – naturally.”


Clinically proven

RipFACTOR Muscle Accelerator  is composed of two standardised botanical extracts with a rich Ayurvedic history: East Indian Globe Thistle (Spaeranthus indicus) and Mango Tree Bark (Mangifera indica) specifically standardised in a multi-patented formulation. 

In two clinical trials, participants consuming RipFACTOR showed as much as a 4x increase in muscle size and as much as a 2x improvement in muscle endurance relative to participants taking a placebo – with statistically significant results shown starting at 14 days. 

They also experienced up to a 5.6x improvement in upper body strength and up to a 5x improvement in lower body strength compared to subjects on placebo. Statistically significant improvements in lean body mass, per cent body fat and total body fat were also observed. 

Compelling improvements in hormone balance were shown for both studies as well.*


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