PLT Health Solutions to highlight new science, new ingredients and new formulating ideas at SSW

Published: 11-Oct-2023

Four clinical studies since last year’s show cover multiple health categories

PLT Health Solutions has. announced that it will be highlighting new science, new ingredients and new formulating ideas developed since last October at SupplySide West 2023 in Las Vegas (23–27October).

The new clinical studies cover a range of opportunities for the supplement industry, including joint/mobility support, cognitive performance, weight management and respiratory health.

PLT has announced four new clinical studies since last year’s show

  • AprèsFlex 5-Day Joint Support: a 6-monthy study showed long-term and continuing benefits. It also demonstrated joint space improvement and cartilage preservation and protection.
  • Nutricog Cognitive Performance Complex: a recent study demonstrated multiple aspects of cognitive performance including faster learning, improved attention, better memory and reduced distractibility. 
  • Slendacor Weight Management Complex: a clinical trial demonstrated increased resting metabolic rate, thermogenic effects and calorie burning in addition to metabolic health benefits.
  • AlvioLife: In 2022, PLT announced the completion of the second double-blind placebo-controlled clinical study on AlvioLife and respiratory health. Subjects taking AlvioLife experienced statistically significant improvements from baseline and compared with a placebo for lung function, lung capacity and aerobic exercise capacity. 

According to Steve Fink, Vice President, Marketing for PLT Health, the company is investing in the resources required to partner with leading consumer products companies in developing ground-breaking new ideas backed by strong clinical science.

“PLT Health Solutions has long been committed to world-class clinical science to validate the safety and efficacy of health-enhancing natural products. It is part of our company’s DNA."

"For decades, we have been designing, evaluating and communicating clinical science in support of the ingredient solutions we develop for the marketplace,” he said.

“Our support for meaningful, properly conducted clinical studies is broader and stronger today than it has ever been in the 70-year history of our company."

"We encourage an industry wide movement toward strengthening the science behind the natural ingredients that are marketed and applaud the members of our industry who are making the substantial investments required to make this a reality,” he added.

Multiple ingredient solution platforms offer options for consumer products 
PLT’s clinical science has generally been focused on developing answers for emerging consumer needs in major health categories. Today, the company offers multi-ingredient portfolios in areas including cognitive health and performance, joint health and mobility, sports and active nutrition, weight management and cardiovascular health.

PLT Health Solutions has a broad cognitive support ingredient portfolio featuring six proprietary, branded ingredients all of which are backed by clinical science. Today, the portfolio offers ingredient solutions in three main areas: cognitive performance, stress/mood and mental energy.

 PLT has recently introduced its Mobility Solutions platform, with multiple ingredients supporting joint health and function, muscle health and performance, bone health and cartilage health.

The recently announced clinical study on AprèsFlex 5-Day Joint Support brought clinical demonstration of cartilage preservation and protection into the foreground as an opportunity for consumer products companies.

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In the area of sports and active nutrition, PLT currently offers more than a dozen ingredients that provide clinically demonstrated benefits like improved strength and endurance, enhanced recovery and energy in pre/post-workout and daily use products.

This breadth of background allows PLT to work alongside sports and active nutrition companies in creating new formulating concepts.

According to Fink, an overarching goal for PLT is to curate market focused science and new formulation-friendly ingredients that help consumer product companies enhance their on-pack positioning language, drive trust with consumers and offer them a more pleasing experiential journey toward better health.

“Understanding the market’s needs and pain points and developing the science, sustainability and quality practices we’ll need to attract and develop trust with consumers is what we do at PLT,” he said.

“SupplySide West is a great opportunity for PLT to engage the industry and we look forward to meeting as many people as we can at the show,” he added.

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