TIC Gums creates indulgent texture in organic yoghurt

Published: 6-Jan-2017

TIC Gums has developed Dairyblend YG OG 6, an organic, non-GMO hydrocolloid system for use in indulgent yoghurt applications

Yoghurt continues to be a popular product in the dairy category because of its versatility, convenience and source of high quality protein.

As dairy manufacturers expand their existing product lines with new options for consumers, many are challenged to maximise nutritional value while delivering products that appeal to the growing market.

Hydrocolloid systems play a significant role in yoghurt as they balance the important textural attributes consumers expect with syneresis control and protein stability.

Dairyblend YG OG 6 enhances specific attributes such as mouth coating and viscosity, allowing formulators to address their functionality needs while achieving the textural characteristics consumers look for in indulgent products.

Dairyblend YG OG 6 not only yields a rich, indulgent eating experience for yogurt consumers, but also aligns with 95% organic requirements in accordance with the USDA’s National Organic Programme.

Visit ticgums.com/indulgent-yogurt to download our latest Technically Speaking white paper, Creating an Indulgent Texture in Organic Yogurt, which provides insight into the most recent market trends and explores the use of Dairyblend YG OG 6 in an organic yogurt formulation.

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