TIC Gums provides clean label formulation support

Published: 7-Jun-2016

TIC Gums is a global leader in advanced texture and stabilisation solutions for the food and beverage industry

TIC Gums offers a complete line of clean label hydrocolloid systems to provide food and beverage manufacturers with texture and stability options that meet their desired label requirements.

Formulation challenges: As consumers demand shorter label declarations and recognisable ingredients, formulators are challenged to create products that meet common requirements such as organic, all natural and non-GMO.

The same consumers that seek out these labels also often search for ingredients they perceive to be healthy such as vitamins and protein. The addition of nutritional-based ingredients and limited stabiliser options present a new combination of challenges to formulators. Faced with limited time and resources to provide these clean label options, manufacturers must look to new technologies to balance consumer demands and changing industry trends with their own product development objectives.

Clean label formulation solutions: For a more efficient and accelerated form of communication during the product development process, TIC Gums utilises the Targeting Texture Tool to standardise the way product texture is described between developers and food scientists.

Deconstructing a combination term such as 'creamy' into individual texture attributes such as mouth coating, denseness and mixes with saliva helps to determine the specific attributes that are most important to our customers.

From there, our scientists can recommend the best hydrocolloid solution to build up those attributes therefore reducing overall development time with unnecessary trial and error.

TIC Gums’ complete portfolio of clean label options addresses both key functionality needs and textural components in food and beverages. Our team of Gum Gurus have an advanced knowledge of clean label hydrocolloids and the formulation expertise to help our customers determine the best solutions to meet their desired label requirements.

Understanding the versatility of gum systems allows us to formulate new products and reformulate existing product lines. Our Gums Gurus are at the ready to help you to use this information and recommend the best possible clean label texture and stability options.

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