The science and practice of sensory analysis

Published: 22-Mar-2021

By Birgitte K. Breindal, Principal Development Scientist, Fertin Pharma and Mette Riis, Senior Manager Product Development, Fertin Pharma

Sensory analyses should be considered as an integral part of developing effective and pleasant oral delivery formats. But what is sensory analysis, what do sensory analyses comprise, how is a sensory evaluation set up, and what are the benefits of this kind of careful analysis? This article seeks to provide some of the answers to the scientific method of sensory evaluation and the practices around it.

Some of the key issues of developing innovative oral delivery formats are concerned with the taste, texture and mouthfeel of the products. The sensory experience is crucial when working with user-friendly delivery formats that spend more time in the mouth, i.e. lozenges or chewing gum, among others. From the first appearance and first chew to aftertaste, the delivery format has to offer a pleasant experience that appeals to the target user.

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