The latest ERP generation for the food industry

Published: 8-Sep-2017

At Anuga 2017, industry specialist CSB-System will be showing the latest digital solutions for the food industry; with these solutions, large and small businesses alike will be able to improve transparency, reduce costs and increase productivity

CSB-System will focus on the latest generation enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, besides the new version of the award-winning industry ERP system. CSB will also be presenting its further developed Factory ERP.

CSB experts will provide information about best practices and new technologies for factory and logistics automation, traceability and Industry 4.0.

The CSB Factory ERP is optimally suited for the control of production plants of global corporations and company groups.

Hermann Schalk, Head of Sales at CSB, said: "What we see is that large enterprises with several factories tend to work successfully with the classic ERP systems of global providers. However, they are not able to sufficiently depict their production and logistic processes. And MES systems are also usually not capable of depicting integrated business processes. This is exactly where we come to the fore with CSB Factory ERP.”

With the concept of FACTORY ERP, CSB has managed to close the gap between Group ERP and MES. The solution encompasses important ERP processes for plant and MES functionalities including interfaces to machines, systems and the Group ERP.

This makes the IT landscape more homogeneous and easier to manage. Overall, with the FACTORY ERP, corporate groups can optimally manage several factories, become more transparent and ultimately more efficient.

The new version of the industry ERP offers the ideal software solutions for small and large businesses alike. Whether product management, traceability and quality management, mobile applications or automation solutions, the system integrates all processes for the food industry in the standard version.

A process configurator enables an even faster implementation of standardised processes and best practices as well as procurement, production or optimisation. Web apps with specific dashboards can now also be used for mobile monitoring of business figures, sales results or production KPIs — by PC, tablet or smartphone.

CSB will also be bringing along concepts and practice proven solutions to implement Industry 4.0. The CSB control centre solution LineControl, for instance, provides data on the capacity and performance of production and packaging machines in real time.

CSB-Vision industrial image processing technology enables fully automatic classification and sorting of raw materials based on defined criteria, which leads to an optimised control of production and elimination of rejects.

CSB-System will exhibit at Anuga Preview, Hall 7.1, Stand B090/C093.

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