Speed products to market with consumer appeal

Published: 21-Mar-2018

Open up to a world of natural colour with Nutra, Natural Advantage Coatings

Manufacturers are looking for more efficient and consistent manufacturing performance while meeting increasing consumer demands for label-friendly ingredients and the complex regulatory requirements in the food space.

Colorcon (stand G75), a world leader in fully formulated film coating systems for more than 50 years, continues to innovate and last year launched a new line of Nutra, Natural Advantage Film Coatings to address the market challenges commonly faced by the nutritional industry: masking unpleasant tastes and odours, making swallowing large tablets easy, providing protection to fragile cores and improving the shelf-life of moisture/oxygen-sensitive tablets.

When it comes to overcoming unpleasant flavours and odours, Nutrateric coating has already become the natural choice.

With supplements such as fish oils, garlic concentrates, peppermint extract and probiotics, an enteric coating allows the consumer to benefit from reduced adverse side-effects of fish burps or stomach upset.

Nutrafinish, the company’s latest line, is being shown for the first time at Vitafoods.

Using Nutrafinish High Performance Coating reduces the coating process time by up to 40% and cuts preparation time in half.

For moisture-sensitive products Nutrafinish Moisture Protection Coating provides a barrier to moisture uptake, resulting in improved final product quality and in-use shelf-life.

New launches include Nutrafinish Easy Swallow Coating to make tablets easier to swallow by improving the slip of currently coated (or uncoated) tablets while adding aesthetic appeal, and Nutrafinish Sugar Film Coating System, a three-step aqueous system that significantly reduces processing time to achieve a high gloss finish.

Nutrafinish coatings are formulated with ingredients that today’s consumers want to see on the label of their supplements — naturally derived cellulose and pigments such as Spirulina extract — while at the same time excluding many of those that consumers are concerned about and prefer to be removed from their supplements, such as titanium dioxide.

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