SMEDDS technology improves CoQ10 absorption three-fold

Published: 1-Nov-2019

AquaCelle-Q10 allows brand companies to either reduce the dose and cost of an expensive ingredient or improve the efficacy of Q10, notes said George Kokkinis, cofounder/Technical Director at Pharmako Biotechnologies

The oral delivery of CoQ10 is extremely challenging owing to its water insolubility and limited absorption within the gastrointestinal tract. However, a recently published study demonstrated that AquaCelle, a patented self-micro-emulsifying drug delivery system (SMEDDS), when combined with standard CoQ10, increased the absorption three times that of CoQ10 alone.

Furthermore, the study revealed that AquaCelle with CoQ10 was equal or better than that of ubiquinol absorption.

The double-blind, randomised and single equivalent dose study was used to evaluate the pharmacokinetics of five different CoQ10 formulations, three of which contained the SMEDDS technology.

The CoQ10 pharmacokinetics were quantified from blood samples taken at baseline through to 24 hours post-supplementation. Following a single 100 mg dose of CoQ10, the study found that all three AquaCelle combinations had significantly higher absorption when compared to the standard CoQ10 in an oil dispersion.

“This human pharmacokinetic study adds to the evidence supporting our AquaCelle technology and its ability to increase the bioavailability of lipophilic ingredients,” said Eric Meppem, cofounder/Commercial Director at Pharmako Biotechnologies.

“Reducing the relevant dose or improving the efficacy of an ingredient through enhanced absorption, AquaCelle provides obvious benefits to consumers and important points of differentiation to brand companies.”

Additionally, the research results indicated that CoQ10 combined with AquaCelle absorbed as effectively or better than the typically superior absorbing ubiquinol at the same 100 mg dose.

Because ubiquinol can have manufacturing and stability challenges and is an expensive ingredient, AquaCelle can provide the same functional benefits. It also allows Q10 to be used in new formats such as beverages, shots, gels and creams in combinational formulations.

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