Rousselot Biomedical launches X-pure GelDAT

Published: 20-May-2021

The gelatin’s phenolic modification is designed to grant superior adhesion properties to human tissues

Rousselot has expanded its range of purified gelatins with the launch of X-Pure GelDAT, gelatin desaminotyrosine, created to overcome the barriers encountered in clinic translation.

The gelatin offers purity and consistency at scale, Rousselot says, vital to the successful development of biomedical applications in the human body.

Researchers requiring a biomaterial more adhesive than GelMA (gelatin methacryloyl), often use GelTYR (gelatin tyramine) the company says. GelTYR has several limitations, however, most notably its irreproducibility and the lack of a scalable production process. The chemical reactions required to make GelTYR lead to uncontrollable side reactions, which can significantly delay product development and negatively impact the likelihood of success.

Dr Jeff Daelman, Business Development Manager at Rousselot Biomedical said, “Based on our extensive experience and scientific expertise in modified gelatins, we created a versatile, effective and scalable alternative to GelTYR.”

“Rousselot’s X-Pure GelDAT’s research grade is functionally equivalent to the GMP grade material, so researchers have less risk of having to re-validate their biomaterial prior to clinical trials,” said Daelman.

The gelatin’s phenolic modification is designed to grant superior adhesion properties to human tissues and the product is also capable of being cross-linked by both enzymatic reaction or photo-induction. These characteristics allow its combination with other biomaterials for the creation of versatile and complex structures for drug delivery, tissue engineering, organ-on-a-chip and complex wound dressing applications.

Daelman concluded: “This is an exciting time for the biomedical sector as highly purified and reliable gelatin-based materials unlock the potential for new innovations. We are excited to collaborate with customers and to jointly develop new gelatin-based solutions that have a positive impact in these promising fields of research. We will be sharing more insights and information during this year’s BIO Digital 2021.”

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