Rousselot and Faravelli announce Italian distribution partnership

Published: 19-Oct-2020

The partnership means Rousselot will supply products for Faravelli’s food, pharmaceutical, and nutra divisions

Rousselot and Giusto Faravelli have announced a distribution partnership in Italy, effective from October 2020.

Rousselot’s product portfolio encompasses three strategic segments: food and pharmaceutical gelatins (Rousselot Functional Ingredients), hydrolyzed collagens (Rousselot Health & Nutrition), and biomedical gelatins and collagens (Rousselot Biomedical).

Under the partnership, Faravelli will distribute across Italy the pharmaceutical and food gelatins produced by Rousselot Functional Ingredients. They will also distribute Peptan, produced by Rousselot Health & Nutrition.

Peptan collagen peptides are bioactive ingredients designed to offer health benefits and functional properties. Peptan are highly digestible type I collagen peptides from bovine, porcine, or fish origin, and can support overall mobility, skin, and beauty. Peptan IIm is a type II hydrolysed collagen matrix, containing glycosaminoglycans (GAG), designed to promote joint health. The companies say Peptan’s efficacy is supported by multiple studies.

”We are really pleased to start this new collaboration with Faravelli”, said Gaëtan Noiret, EMEA Nutrition Commercial Director of Rousselot. “The new partnership will reinforce our presence in the Italian market and our indirect customers will benefit from Faravelli’s service excellence.”

”We are really proud to welcome a partner of very clear international fame. The collaboration will give us the opportunity to offer an even more complete range of high-quality ingredients, with high technological and nutritional value,” said Guido Rovati Sales and Marketing Director of Faravelli. “The collagen- based solutions of Rousselot will be of strategic importance for the Italian nutra food and pharma industry.”

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