Prospérité Fermière Ingredia becomes the first French dairy group to choose green energy

Published: 26-Feb-2021

Using B100 biofuel for its milk collection transport the collection service is now 100% sustainable, from the cow to the truck

Prospérité Fermière Ingredia, a human scale business, active and rooted in the Hauts- de-France region, is swiftly taking this further step in its innovative CSR approach by focussing on the transport used for its milk collections.

By using B100 Biofuel, made in France, by extracting rapeseed oil harvested from across its territory, Prospérité Fermière Ingredia, with its clean collection vehicles, is aligning itself with the energy transition approach initiated by government, at the service of its territory and its different components.

Such a CSR approach, which runs deep within the DNA of the cooperative, meets the expectations of its customers as well as the sensitivities of the end consumer, through a common commitment with its carriers.

"The collective strength of the cooperative enables, despite the difficult current economic situation, our participating farmers to commit to the protection of the environment and invest in the future", states Serge Capron, President of Prospérité Fermière Ingredia.

Forerunners and innovators, Prospérité Fermière Ingredia and its carriers are supporting each other in this energy transition.

The carriers, who, on a daily basis, take care of the collection of milk, have been working with Prospérité Fermière Ingredia for a long time, in some cases for as many as three generations. They are an integral part of this large family and fully committed to this approach.

The B100 biofuel solution allows for rapid implementation based on existing equipment. This means 25% of the fleet will undergo its energy transition in 2021. “Having committed five years ago to the purchase of an electric semi-trailer truck for collections in order to reduce CO2 emissions, I was immediately interested in the B100 project for my next investment", SARL Duquenoy stated.

“Having already signed-up to several environmental charters, it was obvious for us to be supporting our partner Prospérité Fermière Ingredia in its ecological transition.

Indeed, a few years we had already switched to electric pumping on tanks, so being able to use clean fuel for the tractor units doing the collections simply represents the next step. The B100 not only allows rapid implementation but also has the advantage of being 100% local. It perfectly fits with milk collection", enthuses Transport Pochet.

"Aligning ourselves with the CSR policy at the Prospérité Fermière Ingredia cooperative by using B100 represents a chance of reducing the carbon impact of milk collection", Transport Boddaert said.

Recently, Prospérité Fermière Ingredia was awarded the EY prize for its social and environmental commitment.

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