OmniActive to debut Xtenergy at SupplySide West

Published: 1-Oct-2019

Xtenergy delivers a natural source of sustained energy throughout the day without jitters or crash

Expanding its energy and performance portfolio, OmniActive Health Technologies will officially launch Xtenergy at SupplySide West in Las Vegas. The new product delivers a natural source of sustained energy throughout the day without jitters or crash.

Attendees are invited to come to OmniActive booth #5059 to experience and discuss the energising, modern lifestyle benefits of Xtenergy.

Evolving market

The energy market is evolving; it's not just about that extra cup of coffee or energy shot to muscle through a long, tiring day.

A recent survey showed that 60% of coffee drinkers consume coffee in the morning, but take other caffeine products during the day to sustain energy levels, however, 33% dislike the jitters and crash associated with caffeine use (OmniActive Insights, 2019).

And while there seems to be more awareness and options than ever before to help juggle a hectic, busy life, 55% of consumers believe their energy levels have worsened in the last ten years (NMI Consumer Data, 2016).

"Modern-day consumers are constantly on overdrive, burning through energy that they just don't naturally have. But who wants a jittery, steep ascent only to come crashing down hours later more tired than before? It's safe to say, most of us could use a natural, steady stream of energy to optimise productivity so we can perform efficiently at both work and at home," said Brian Appell, Marketing Manager, OmniActive Health Technologies.

Appell added: "In a category that has been traditionally saturated with synthetic options, Xtenergy provides a natural source of sustained energy throughout the day."

The launch of Xtenergy not only helps OmniActive provide a more comprehensive energy portfolio to its customers but also helps fill a gap and expand possibilities in the active, modern lifestyle market.

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