Nutrition21 helps brands capture beauty from within wins

Published: 28-May-2024

New white paper unveils the science behind beauty and how brands can create differentiated beauty supplements that deliver real results with Lustriva®

Nutrition21 recently launched a new Beauty from Within campaign highlighting consumer demand as the beauty from within category surges with new growth. A new white paper from Nutrition21 highlights how consumer preference is shifting towards inner wellness and discusses how brands can unlock new possibilities and create new beauty from within solutions that deliver scientifically backed, tangible results with Lustriva®. This exceptional ingredient from Nutrition21 harnesses a proprietary blend of unique forms of biotin and silicon, demonstrated to support healthier-looking hair and skin, with users seeing fast results. 

“Skin and hair care concerns are rising amongst younger demographics, which is broadening the market potential in this supplement category,” said Jordan Miller, Vice President, Marketing – Nutrition21. “Skincare catering to signs of aging is popular among consumers as young as 25, and haircare centered around hair thinning appeals to consumers as young as 35. 1 Additionally, Gen-Z and Millennial consumers are spending more on health and wellness products for appearance than other consumers. So overall, there is an opportunity for brands to cater to this desire to slow signs of aging in skin and hair by incorporating clinically studied ingredients like Lustriva to support healthy hair and skin.”

Lustriva is a patented, one-of-a-kind blend of Bonded Arginine Silicate and Magnesium Biotinate delivering unique and bioavailable forms of silicon and biotin that work together to deliver real beauty from within benefits. It’s gold-standard clinical study demonstrated Lustriva can support existing hair growth in as few as three weeks providing a fuller and thicker look, while reducing the appearance of wrinkles in twelve weeks—demonstrating that once-daily Lustriva can help support healthy hair and skin. 

By promoting nutritional and structural support for both hair and skin, supplements incorporating Lustriva offer a safe and effective way to help users look their best from the inside out. The popularity of new, clinically backed ingredients and beauty from within supplements is rapidly gaining momentum. Research shows that over 40% of U.S. consumers purchase health and wellness products to support their appearance1 and that the beauty supplement market has grown to a value of $1.4 billion.2

In the white paper, Inner Glow, Outer Shine: Unveiling the Science Behind Beauty, Nutrition21 outlines the latest consumer preferences, and how brands can formulate a new generation of beauty from within supplements using Lustriva. Highlights include:

  • Evolution of interests from outer appearance to supporting beauty from within and understanding the link between appearance and overall well-being and nutrition
  • Proof of the importance of showcasing efficacy to give products shelf appeal
  • Exploration of the root causes of thinning hair and aging skin (gaps in diet, environmental factors, hormonal changes, etc.), and the importance of ingredients that face these causes head-on
  • The science behind Lustriva, highlighting how this unique ingredient complex that goes into supplements is clinically-backed — with results to prove it

“Our white paper outlines the beauty from within segment, noting the incredible opportunities for brands to grow within this space,” added Miller. “Consumers are increasingly interested in finding dietary supplements and functional foods and beverages that offer science-backed solutions that help them feel and look their best. Specifically, products that can help support healthy skin and hair are where Lustriva comes in as an ideal, consumer-pleasing ingredient. We are seeing tremendous growth in products formulated with Lustriva, some of which are among the fastest growing beauty supplements on the market today.”

Lustriva is a versatile ingredient, safe and effective for use in foods and supplements, helping brands to capture beauty from within wins. Available as a powder, Lustriva can easily be formulated into a variety of applications such as capsules, tablets, gummies, ready-to-mix (RTM) powders, ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages, and bars.

Click here to download the white paper or visit to learn more about how Lustriva supports beauty from within.


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