Nexira launches naltive, the locust bean gum with the highest viscosity at lower temperature

Published: 1-Dec-2021

At FIE, Nexira has launched its latest natural and efficient texturiser!

Nexira has launched a new premium texturiser! naltive locust bean gum is a natural and highly efficient texturiser, offering the highest viscosity at lower temperature. Easy-to-use in traditional and plant- based recipes.

naltive LBG 190 FV is an extra high grade locust bean gum offering a white colour without specks. naltive LBG 190 FV offers the highest viscosity at lower temperature.

This high-performance specialty can reach 80% to 90% of its maximum potential viscosity at 50°C, resulting in several benefits:

  • EFFICIENT in industrial process with temperatures lower than 80°C
  • PROVIDES a texturising and stabilising effect at lower temperature process
  • PROTECTS the protein matrix during the sensitive step of rising temperature
  • RESULTS in smoother texture, better creaminess, and controlled syneresis

Thanks to its specific functionality, naltive LBG 190 FV is easy-to-use in a large array of traditional applications and plant-based products: cream cheese, spreadable cheese, ice creams, yogurt and all the equivalent recipes in dairy alternatives!

Locust bean gum is a natural texturiser, simply labelled as locust bean gum.

Carob trees grow in semi-arid Mediterranean area, mainly natural and wild. Carob trees help to fight against desertification, act as a fire barrier and protect soil from erosion. Carob picking occurs at the end of the summer and supports local population being a valuable source of revenue.

Once picked, carob pods are separated from the seeds which are further manufactured to locust bean gum using purely natural and physical processes.

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