Well-being through Menopause: Celebrating Women – The Next Gen of Dietary Supplements

Published: 24-Oct-2022

Learn about our commitment to celebrating women and this exciting life stage in our webinar 'Wellbeing through Menopause: Celebrating Women'. Watch on demand!

With 12% of the world's population headed for menopause by 2025, you'll need a product lineup that champions the embracing of change. Our industry-leading formulations can help you stand out in the marketplace.

Join us for a focused discussion on innovation, science-backed supplements, and menopausal lifestyle changes. Listen to speakers Aouatef Bellamine PhD, Paula Limena, and Grace Barker PhD, as they reveal ADM's portfolio and whitespace opportunities within this booming demographic. 

Register today, and set your organization up for a successful stake in the market. We look forward to hosting you and your team.

Click here to watch now! 

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