Vegicaps Softgels: Plant-based delivery for nutritional supplements

Published: 4-May-2021

When it comes to a growing segment of mainstream consumers, all natural and animal-free are increasingly important benefits

According to Kline & Company research, a notable number of consumers, especially in North America and Europe, follow a vegan diet. As per Forbes, “…consumers in the U.S. that identify themselves as vegan grew 600% from 2014 to 2017.” Thus, a growing flexitarian, vegan, and vegetarian population is projected to positively impact the global plant-based industry in the coming years. In the supplement market, you see brands being innovative by slowly bringing plant-based products into their portfolio.

When it comes to this growing segment of mainstream consumers, all-natural and plant-based, or animal-free, are increasingly important benefits. Supplement manufacturers are responding by offering products with more natural ingredients but don’t always use a delivery format that maintains the benefits consumers are looking for. Thankfully, there is a plant-based softgel solution to address these concerns called Vegicaps® softgels.

Catalent’s patented Vegicaps® softgel technology provides a 100% plant-based, non-GMO, sugar and gluten free alternative to gelatin softgels, meeting the needs of consumers who are looking for more plant-based, natural options, such as those with dietary or religious restrictions. Vegicaps® softgels provide additional technical advantages for ingredients that are chemically unstable in gelatin or require higher filling temperatures during the manufacturing process. Additionally, with expanded Vegicaps® capacity available on 4 continents, Catalent can supply Vegicaps® softgels to all corners of the globe.

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