Ulrick & Short opens new EU headquarters in Holland


With changes to the EU looming, the new office aims to guarantee a sustained level of customer service and technical support

Photo as seen on company website

Ulrick & Short has opened a new EU headquarters. The company's European footprint is already extensive, with established trading relationships amongst European customers, suppliers and distribution partners across the continent. The new base aims to develop this further with a permanent and physical presence in the region.

Based in Zoetermeer, Holland, Ulrick & Short BV is the company's European arm; it is where all international trade is now conducted, and all EU customers are serviced. The expansion brings with it additional personnel in the supply chain department, and ensures that the company's European customers will enjoy a continued high level of technical support.

With changes to the EU looming, the new office provides the additional benefit of guaranteeing a sustained level of customer service and technical support for all European customers, regardless of what any future trading arrangements may be. Furthermore, the company has sourced a new warehousing facility in the Netherlands, to minimise delivery and lead times for customers.

Director Andrew Ulrick, said: "This expansion is a very exciting marker in the development of our company. Since Ulrick & Short's formation in 2000, the European market has been an essential part of our business, representing a significant proportion of our trade. We are committed to grow this in overall financial terms, and also as a share of our total trade."

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Ulrick & Short is an ingredients specialist, supplying food manufacturers across the world with clean label and gluten-free, non-GM ingredients, and innovating across a range of food industry sectors including bakery, meat, dairy, soups and sauces.