Ulrick & Short launches clean label fat reduction ingredient

Published: 3-Apr-2020

New fat replacement ingredient has been designed for beverage applications

Ulrick & Short has developed a clean label ingredient aimed at improving indulgence in beverages, while also reducing overall fat and calorie content. Designed for dairy & plant-based beverages such as breakfast drinks, milkshakes, sports nutrition products, and meal replacements, delyteTM 12 provides an indulgent mouthfeel to products by assisting with viscosity & structure.

delyteTM 12 is the latest addition to the company's fat reduction range, it replaces the functional properties of fat concerning body, texture & mouthfeel. Additionally, unlike similar ingredients, delyteTM 12 does not mask any flavours or impact flavour profiles of the finished product.

The ingredient is also clean label, non-GM, allergen-free, and vegan, ensuring it is suitable for all applications and has a consumer-friendly declaration.

R&D Manager, Danielle Schroeter, said: "The beverage market is really interesting at the moment. It is currently experiencing considerable innovation with meal replacements, dairy, and plant-based premium products. Consumers are becoming increasingly demanding insofar that they are wanting an indulgent product, but also one which is healthier - either by the addition of functional ingredients like proteins and fibres or by reduction of fat & sugars."

Schroeter added: "We've seen growth in gut health claims, high-protein claims, breakfast smoothies, free from claims & "better-for-you" formulations. With this shift, delyteTM 12 provides a great way for manufacturers to improve the indulgence of their products, while also being able to reformulate to make these health claims consumers are demanding."

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