Ulrick & Short introduces functional binders for plant-based meat

Published: 29-Jul-2021

In 2020, UK organic sector sales grew by 12.6%, and is now worth £2.79bn

Ulrick & Short has extended its organic ingredient portfolio. The ingredients, including organic complex 1 & organic complex E, have been designed to provide improved textural properties in plant-based meat substitute applications.

Organic complex 1 provides high binding capacity to plant-based meat substitutes, designed to provide a better mouthfeel & eat, while also allowing manufacturers to make front-of-pack ‘high in’ protein claims without major recipe reformulation, or significant changes to flavour profiles. Organic complex E binds moisture in fat when cooked, reportedly providing an open, softer texture for both meat & plant-based products such as burgers, meatballs & sausage rolls. Both ingredients are clean label, non-GMO & certified organic, the company says.

Ulrick & Short R&D Manager, Danni Schroeter, said “Traditionally the organic sector in the UK has been less strong when compared with much of Europe. However, the organic sector in the UK has had a recent resurgence. This is coupled with the cross-category growth of plant-based products in the UK – shifting consumer focus onto the themes of health, transparency, and sustainability, all of which the organic narrative fits in with very well. The push for a greater understanding of provenance and quality of food has been catalysed further still by the COVID pandemic."

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