Study reveals pomegranate extract’s link with skin health

Published: 11-Jan-2023

Euromed’s natural ingredient Pomanox can positively modulate skin health and beauty related parameters

According to a recent in-vitro study conducted by EURECAT and published in the International Journal of Food Sciences, Euromed's pomegranate fruit extract Pomanox may reduce unaesthetic signs of skin ageing.1 

These signs include hyperpigmentation, skin dryness and loss of elasticity, by reducing melanogenesis and oxidative stress while modulating collagen and hyaluronic acid metabolism. The results from this proof of concept, in-vitro assay with human foreskin fibroblast cells, therefore suggest that Pomanox is a promising ingredient for nutricosmetic and beauty-from-within applications. 

Skin photoageing is primarily caused by ultraviolet radiation and can lead to the degradation of skin extracellular matrix components, resulting in hyperpigmentation and loss of skin elasticity. In this area, polyphenols have become of great interest because of their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and healthy ageing properties. 

Pomanox P30 is standardised to more than 50% total polyphenols and not less than 30% punicalagins α+β, making it an ideal candidate for skin ageing studies. Multiple assays evaluated the effects of various concentrations of Pomanox on human fibroblast Hs68 cells under normal and UV-induced photoageing conditions. The inhibitory effects of Pomanox on tyrosinase activity were also investigated.  

Beyond skin health, Pomanox is also known to provide proven benefits for cardiovascular and metabolic health, sports nutrition, mood and cognitive health

Analysis showed that under normal conditions, Pomanox significantly increased the collagen and hyaluronic acid metabolism. In cells exposed to UV, both preventive and regenerative treatments with Pomanox positively influenced hyaluronic acid metabolism and decreased ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) levels. A significant decrease in levels of MMP 1, the main inhibitor of collagen synthesis, was also verified. Finally, Pomanox showed a significant inhibitory effect on tyrosinase activity, thus potentially reducing hyperpigmentation by decreasing melanin synthesis.  

In summary, the results highlight strong properties of Pomanox in the modulation of several skin health-associated parameters. A clinical study is now being prepared to further investigate and explore these insights. 

Pomanox is a standardised pomegranate fruit extract obtained from pomegranates cultivated in Mediterranean regions of Spain through sustainable farming. It is available in organic form and extracted with an eco-friendly, water-only proprietary technology. Beyond skin health, Pomanox is also known to provide proven benefits for cardiovascular and metabolic health, sports nutrition, mood and cognitive health.


  1. R. Mariné-Casadó, et al., "Pomegranate natural extract Pomanox positively modulates skin health-related parameters in normal and UV-induced photoaging conditions in Hs68 human fibroblast cells," International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition, doi: 10.1080/09637486.2022.2152189​​​​​​​ (2022). 

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