Study confirms powerful effects of Lumenato on improving skin structure and enhancing beauty from within

Published: 15-Nov-2023

A study recently published in Dermatologic Therapy found that Lycored’s Lumenato® contains protective qualities that improve the skin barrier, collagen and ceramide condition after 12 weeks of daily supplementation

Sourced from Lycored’s golden tomatoes, Lumenato is made up of colorless carotenoids including beta-carotene, zeta-carotene, phytoene and phytofluene, and healthy lipids, that together create an ideal microenvironment for skin structure support. These nutrients are carefully calibrated to improve skin barrier function from the inside out. As the largest separator between a human body and the outside environment, healthy skin barrier function is crucial for keeping harmful external elements like pollution or bacteria away. A healthy skin barrier also improves moisture retention and trans epidermal water loss (TEWL), which as a result, improves skin appearance and elasticity and promotes faster healing from damaging factors like UV.  

To understand the benefits of Lumenato on skin structure, 59 healthy women between ages 35-55 of varying ethnicities (Caucasian, Latino) and skin types (II, III, IV) were studied. The women had a baseline TEWL of ≥12G/M2/Hr and were split into two groups to receive Lumenato soft gel capsules (10mg total carotenoids) or placebo soft gel capsules (pure glycerin) for 12 weeks, daily.  

After three months, results showed significant improvements over the placebo across skin barrier strength, firmness and elasticity. With Lumenato supplementation participants saw a 10.4% reduction in TEWL, while skin barrier strength improved by 59.9%, meaning more resilient, supple and radiant skin. Skin firmness and elasticity also improved by 9.34%, and 11.6%, respectively, which is visible through a decrease in fine lines, wrinkles and skin sagging.  

These results reinforce the positive impacts of Lumenato on skin structure shown by two previous studies, which found similar improvements in skin elasticity, firmness, brightness, wrinkles and more.1 Elizabeth Tarshish, PhD, Head of Claims and Clinical Affairs at Lycored states, “The benefits of Lumenato start on the inside and work their way to the skin’s surface. It not only improves internal systems like collagen and ceramide protection but ripples outward to the skin barrier for skin radiance and glow. Since a majority of the population deals with skin barrier disturbances during winter or summer, we’re pleased to learn that this unique carotenoid formulation is promising to support health and enhance beauty from within after only three months.”  

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