Revvies discusses caffeine as a performance booster for athletes


CEO and co-founder of sports nutrition brand Revvies, John Nolan-Neylan, discusses the use of caffeine to boost energy levels

1. Endurance

"Research appears to consistently support the role caffeine plays in physical performance, but particularly so for endurance-heavy activities such as running and sports. Studies have concluded that caffeine is an effective ergogenic aid (meaning it enhances energy production) when consumed in doses of 2–6 mg per kg of body weight, equalling around 135–405 mg for the average person. It has also been shown to block the A1 receptor, helping you exercise for a longer period of time.

“With the average cup of coffee containing about 100 mg of caffeine, drinking one or two cups before your workout will provide you with ample caffeine to boost your performance and help you push further."

2. Fat burning

"Heralded as a powerful fat-burner both during and after a workout, caffeine enhances the body's ability to burn fat during exercise via lipolysis - the metabolic process that helps to mobilize lipids in fat cells so the body can use them for fuel. Helping your body to work more efficiently during exercise and increasing the time to exhaustion, caffeine also helps you to burn more fat once the workout is over. When your body is in a rest state, caffeine increases the body's production of noradrenaline, which ups your metabolic rate and helps you to burn more calories."

3. Nervous system

"A well-known stimulant to the nervous system (including the muscles, heart and other organs), caffeine has been shown to boost the body's production of adrenaline. This effect triggers the body's "fight or flight" response and increases performance, whether you're starting an exercise programme or needing to maintain strong focus during a busy work day. Caffeine is also believed to block adenosine receptors in the brain, leading to higher levels of dopamine and noradrenaline which can reduce feelings of fatigue, exertion and even pain, thus helping you exercise harder, longer, and burn more calories.

"The best way to absorb caffeine is under the tongue, as the caffeine is absorbed straight into the body in the fastest and most effective way, allowing you to take the correct amount for the boost you need."

4. Faster recovery

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"According to recent research, ingesting caffeine alongside carbohydrates can help to improve the rate of glycogen replenishment - the essential fuel source that is stored in the muscles and which athletes rely on during strenuous bouts of exercise. This is particularly essential if you exercise very frequently, as your muscles need to be properly restored before you can get back out there."