Research suggests all ages seeking proactive health benefits

Published: 1-Mar-2022

Generation Z, millennial parents and older adults were all surveyed by Kerry to discern their interest in functional foods and beverages  

Recent research from global taste and nutrition company Kerry has indicated consumers in all age groups are interested in food and beverages with functional benefits, with demand for immune support, joint health and digestive health ranking especially high.

The research targeted three groups in particular: millennial parents, young actives and older adults. The company’s findings suggest millennial parents are most likely to carry out extensive research in advance of purchases, while focus areas for Gen Z consumers include athletic performance, education and work, taking a holistic approach to wellness. Older adults, on the other hand, place a greater emphasis on physical and cognitive health.

The research also found demographic factors affect demand for benefits in particular applications. For example, for consumers in the older millennial category and upwards, tea and coffee are popular platforms for immune support.

John Quilter, Kerry’s VP of ProActive Health, said: “Across all age ranges, consumers are now looking for functional benefits from their favourite food and beverages. However, it’s also true that different groups often have different needs, so an understanding of the importance of demographic factors like age and activity level can help manufacturers create on-trend products. For example, manufacturers should use functional ingredients that are supported by research as well as appealing to children’s tastes to win over millennial parents.”

He added: “Kerry’s ProActive Health portfolio is an extensive range of ingredient brands that can help manufacturers meet the proactive health needs of global consumers.”

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