Research demonstrates technology overcoming challenges in omega-3 segment

Published: 10-Nov-2022

Traditionally, omega-3 ingredient doses are large, mainly due to their poor absorption by the body. This in turn, makes compliance to such doses, very difficult for consumers

AquaCelle® formulators can now make smaller doses which increase compliance and tolerance – it’s easier to swallow a small capsule with no reflux problem once a day versus many large capsules several times a day.

The health benefits of omega-3 supplementation are widely recognised however challenges face the market:

  • Efficacy questions
  • Poor consumer compliance
  • High dropout due to reflux
  • Ecological concerns /sustainability
  • Quality issues due to commoditisation of market

Consumers are looking at mindful consumption choices. According to Innova Market Insights, "Mindful Choice" is the number 1 trend for consumers. In terms of omega-3, choosing a product which provides a better health outcome, and guarantees a more efficient use of a resource is a powerful ‘X-factor’. Reducing doses supports sustainability of resources and ecological concerns within the segment.

Pharmako Biotechnologies’ AquaCelle® is a patented delivery system for lipophilic actives like omega-3 oils, made in a TGA licensed facility, from food approved ingredients sourced to pharmacopeial standards. AquaCelle® is optimized for reduced excipient levels (as low as 15% for fish oil versus 40% for competitors), with higher bioavailability than competitors.

AquaCelle®-Omega-3 pharmacokinetic studies show improved absorption of omega-3s in blood plasma of six times. The study published in the European Journal of Nutrition1 demonstrated a 6x enhanced absorption and eliminated the “food effect” (the requirement for lipophilic actives to be taken with fatty food). Further studies have been conducted using AquaCelle® formulations for algal oil2, krill oil3, lutein4 and coenzyme-Q10 5.

AquaCelle® formulations have a unique ability to counter “fishy reflux” 3, a leading reason for consumer non-compliance.

Omega-3s are important nutrients from an anti-ageing perspective. AquaCelle®-Omega-3 formulations answer the challenges omega-3s face in the market.

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