Ready-to-use next-gen tahini launches at Fancy Food

Published: 22-Jun-2016

Rushdi Foods debuts its one-ingredient protein powerhouse

Rushdi Foods Industries launches Mighty Sesame Co. tahini, a creamy tahini condiment in a ready-to-use, squeezable bottle, at Fancy Foods (NY, USA, 26-28 June, booth 2848).

It designed to infuse meals with an ethnically inspired taste.

Mighty Sesame Co. tahini is made from just one ingredient — sesame seed — yet its proprietary processing methods deliver the full consumer-desired texture. It contains no preservatives, sugar, salt or any artificial ingredients, making it an all-natural, clean-label product. Yet, this pure tahini provides rich, deep flavour notes when added to any recipe or enjoyed on its own as a dressing or a dip.

Mighty Sesame Co. tahini also is healthy, rich in highly bioavailable (85%) plant proteins. 'Millennials want a complete package of health, taste and convenience in a product, and our tahini delivers exactly that,' says Sigal Shilony, CEO of Rushdi. 'Mediterranean dishes have included this superfood ingredient for centuries, but it takes time and effort to prepare fresh, tasty tahini for daily use. Typically, water, lemon juice, garlic and salt must be added to achieve authentic taste and texture. Rushdi took this ancient ingredient, retained its high nutrition properties and developed a next-gen tahini condiment made from a single ingredient: sesame. There is no need to add anything – simply pour it on a salad or spread it on a sandwich and it is ready.'

Global product launch activity tracked by Innova Market Insights for tahini-based spreads increased by 98% from 2013 to 2014, with a further 10% increase in 2015.

Americans are eager to taste new cuisines, especially foods that are healthy and full of nutrient-rich products such as tahini. Numerous health attributes of sesame have been coming to the forefront, including its high calcium, iron, thiamin, fibre and omega fatty acids, as well as its significant levels of protein, making it ideal for vegan and vegetarians.

'We examined many sesame crops, analysed them and chose one specific crop that displayed exceptional characteristics,' explains Shilony. 'Then, we developed a patented automatic processing method to give Mighty Sesame Co. its exceptional smooth texture, and allow it to mix easily with any flavour or extract for creating a variety of flavours ranging from savory to sweet. It’s Rushdi’s pleasure to bring this secret health ingredient into easy-to-use form for healthy food lovers.'

Not all consumers are aware of the high amount of nutrients in tahini. Sesame contains 21.4g of protein per 100g, compared with 15g in tofu. Dairy foods are well known for their calcium content, yet cream cheese contains only 14mg of calcium per tablespoon, whereas sesame contains nearly ten times that amount, with 132mg per tablespoon. 'It is a game changer in many aspects,' notes Shilony.

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