Purecircle and Synergy develop range of zero-sugar tonics

Published: 23-Mar-2021

The products will become part of the Skinny Drinks Group portfolio

PureCircle, acquired by Ingredion, has collaborated with Synergy Flavours to create a range of zero-sugar tonics, sweetened with PureCircle Reb M stevia extract, for the Skinny Drinks Group beverage company.

The company’s previous tonic ranges had been formulated using traditional Reb A stevia extract, which it says can come with some flavour limitations. This time, it used PureCircle Starleaf Reb M, which the company claims delivers the most sugar-like taste. In addition to the reformulation of existing products, three flavours are being added to Skinny Drinks’s range: blueberry, orange and strawberry, as well as a range of children’s drinks and adult sodas.

Chris Draper, UK Sales Manager at PureCircle, said: “We have been working with the stevia leaf for 20 years and have invested millions to understand it better. Launched over a decade ago, Reb A was the first stevia product to market but when dosed above a certain level, the flavour can be affected, which limits the scope of sugar reduction or removal of artificial sweeteners. We’ve discovered more than 60 different glycosides in the leaf, all of which have slightly different properties and can be used to deliver different results in application. In doing so, we realised that the best tasting of these glycosides are only present in small proportions, and so decided to breed a new leaf that was higher in those better-tasting molecules; this became Starleaf.”

Vicky Berry, European Business Development Manager at Synergy Flavour, commented: “We relished the opportunity to help to develop an optimised tonic base with Reb M by layering flavours and extracts which work in harmony with the stevia. We helped formulate these tonics originally to scientifically pair with the key aroma compounds in gin, to deliver the best flavour. Despite the added challenges of the pandemic, with much of the project work between Synergy Flavours, PureCircle and the team at Skinny Drinks Group having to be done remotely, this reformulation with Reb M, delivers great taste, with no sugar.”

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