Omya showcases calcium ingredient at FI Connect

Published: 3-Nov-2020

Available as “on demand content”, visitors can access an Exhibitor Showcase on “Bone health: Highly bioavailable calcium source” held by Innovation Manager Lalit Sharma

At FI Connect 2020, Swiss mineral manufacturer Omya is presenting Omyaforte 100, a concentrated calcium ingredient to support bone health. One prototype combines the ingredient with Gelita’s specific collagen peptides Fortibone for a cocoa-containing beverage powder designed to improve bone stability and flexibility.

An increasingly aging population means global demand for calcium supplements and other calcium-enriched products is set to continue to rise. Yet other groups, including seniors, athletes and expectant women, may also be deficient in calcium and would therefore benefit from targeted nutritional support.

Omyaforte 100 contains 39% calcium which means only a small amount is needed to reach recommended daily intakes: 770 mg of the natural ingredient is required to achieve 30% of the recommended 1000 mg calcium per day.

This amount can be incorporated into different formulations without affecting sensory properties or texture of the end product, the company claims.

As a second focus, the company’s R&D experts will present a clean label distribution portfolio focusing on increasing consumer demand for vegan food solutions. Vegan vitamin D3 for example, is said to complement Omya’s natural mineral ingredients such as those in the Calcipur range.

These calcium carbonate particles provide anti-caking properties for powdered applications, and have a positive influence on the texture and colour of bakery products, extruded snacks, convenience food, beverages and much more. Additionally, natural colours and colouring foods, such as safflower yellow or purple sweet potato, will also be showcased. The substrates are a suitable ingredient for plant-based meat alternatives and other vegan and vegetarian food colourings.

Completing the portfolio, natural yeast extracts are designed to add taste and bring out flavours in savoury and meat alternative products, while allowing for salt reduction.

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