New certified dietary fibres presented at Hi Europe 2016


Taiyo complements its Sunfiber portfolio with organic variants

New certified dietary fibres presented at Hi Europe 2016

Taiyo showed new organic varieties of its well-established Sunfiber ingredient during Hi Europe.

Derived from the Indian guar bean, the fibre combines numerous nutritional, physiological and technological benefits with an excellent taste.

Because of its enhanced dissolution profile, the agglomerated organic product is particularly suitable for powder mixtures and instant beverages. In addition, another Sunfiber variant with organic certification is available, which has been specifically developed for the price-sensitive food sector and can be used in a wide range of applications.

The Sunfiber portfolio is characterised by its naturalness: no chemical substances are used during the cultivation or processing of the guar beans. In addition, the raw materials are guaranteed to be GMO free. With its range of organic varieties, Taiyo is taking a positive step forward and responding to the increased demand for high quality, ecologically sensitive food.

"Right now and for future generations, a sustainable lifestyle is crucial. Therefore, the manufacturing and handling of food are important parameters. By supplying organically certified ingredients, we’re setting standards at the very beginning of the production cycle to enable a more environmentally friendly value chain," said Dr Stefan Siebrecht, Managing Director of Taiyo GmbH.

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Manufacturers can be sure that the organic Sunfiber varieties will deliver the same levels of quality as the original versions. Completely soluble, the fibre ingredient has no effect on the sensory properties of the final product and has been shown to have a number of health boosting properties: Sunfiber reduces the glycaemic index of foodstuffs, thus ensuring a reduced post-consumption blood glucose increase; it also improves mineral absorption in the gut and helps to mantain the health and function of the digestive tract.