MemreePlus phosphatidylserine and phosphatidic acid support memory and cognitive function, studies find

Published: 3-Dec-2014

Pilot studies used a combination of 100mg PS and 80mg PA three times a day

A combination of soy lecithin-derived phosphatidylserine (PS) and phosphatidic acid (PA), as in Lonza’s MemreePlus ingredient, can support memory and cognitive function, according to two new studies.

The results are published in the journal, Advances in Therapy.

Since 2011, Swiss ingredients supplier Lonza and PS supplier Lipogen have worked together under an exclusive distribution agreement to offer Lipogen’s PS products as Lonza MemreePS.

The two, previously unpublished, early pilot studies funded by Lipogen used a combination of 100mg PS and 80mg PA three times a day.

The first study, a three-month, double-blind, placebo-controlled study with PS and PA in 72 functioning, non-depressive elderly people with memory problems, demonstrated a significant positive influence of PS and PA on memory, mood and cognition.

The second study, a two-month, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study with PS and PA in 96 patients with Alzheimer’s disease, demonstrated a significant stabilising effect of PS and PA on daily functioning, when comparing both groups. There also were some improvements in emotional state and self-reported general condition in the PS + PA group; no negative side effects were observed.

At the conclusion of the studies, the combination of PS and PA demonstrated a positive influence on memory, mood and cognition among elderly test subjects with memory problems.

Additionally, the studies show that PS is efficiently absorbed after oral consumption. Specifically, the studies showed serum PS peaked 90min after ingestion, returning to baseline after 180min.

‘The sum of these studies validates MemreePlus for formulation into nutritional supplements as a memory and cognitive support ingredient,’ said Matthias Ruesing, Global Product Manager for the Memree product line at Lonza.

‘We will continue to investigate the benefits of MemreePS and MemreePlus PS+PA, alongside our continued research being conducted with our entire nutrition ingredients portfolio.’

Earlier this year another published study confirmed that supplementation with MemreePlus ingredient can support a normal stress response in chronically stressed male adults. Those findings were published in Lipids in Health and Disease.

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