Longvida named winner of nutrition research award

Published: 21-Jul-2021

The company was also a finalist in the Ingredient of the Year: Cognitive Function category for evidence supporting cognitive and brain health through improved mood, memory, and learning

A study done on the benefits of lapidated curcumin in older people by Longvida has received recognition as the 2021 Nutrition Research Project recipient during the recent NutraIngredient-USA Awards’ virtual event. The Nutrition Research Project category aims to reward the “most innovative and impactful nutrition research projects pushing the boundaries of nutritional science”.

“Further evidence of benefits to mood and working memory from lipidated curcumin [Longvida] in healthy older people: A 12-week, double-blind, placebo-controlled, partial replication study” was a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial and a follow-up to a previous 4-week trial examining Longvida on cognitive function, mood, and wellbeing in healthy adults.

After a baseline assessment, results were measured at 4 and 12-weeks, finding the ingredient was well-tolerated. According to researchers, the follow-up study “confirms that Longvida improves aspects of mood and working memory in a healthy older cohort.”

The research addresses a global public health concern regarding the need for cognitive support through improved mood, working memory, spatial memory, concentration, sustained attention, and fatigue. Many of these attributes have been linked to cognitive decline. Spatial memory is known to take place in the hippocampus, and thus, targeting this area of the brain is of interest.

Significant improvements in aspects of cognitive function and mood were reportedly observed, including decreased fatigue, tension, anger, confusion, and total mood, as well as improvements to working memory, concentration, and spatial memory and learning. Combined, these attributes suggest promise for “alleviating cognitive decline in some populations,” said the researchers.

“We are honoured to receive recognition of the continuous endeavours, investment in scientific validation, and commitment to rigorous quality we dedicate to our ingredients here at Verdure. We would like to extend special thanks and congratulations to our best-in-class research team, and, in particular, to the lead researchers of this study, Dr Andrew Scholey and Kate Cox,” said Ajay Patel, founder & CEO at Verdure Sciences.

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