Verdure Sciences’ Witholytin becomes USP verified

Published: 18-Apr-2024

The verification programme highlights nutraceutical companies that are ensuring quality remains high in the ingredient manufacturing process

Verdure Sciences, a plant-based ingredient supplier, has announced it successfully passed USP’s voluntary and comprehensive ingredient verification programme, demonstrating it meets quality standards for its Witholytin Withania somnifera extract.

The USP ingredient verification programme helps ingredient manufacturers ensure quality and reduce risk, while also providing them with a way to differentiate their ingredients in an increasingly competitive global market. 

The programme tests ingredients, audits manufacturing practices and reviews documentation before the manufacturer earns the use of the USP Verified Mark.

Verdure’s Bhaumik Darji, quality assurance manager, explained: “USP’s dietary ingredient verification programme consists of extensive GMP facility audits, ingredient quality control & manufacturing (QCM) process evaluations and laboratory testing of the ingredients for full compliance to its specifications. Our verification through this initiative is a testament to our commitment to quality control.”

This is the second ingredient in the Verdure portfolio to achieve this milestone.

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