Longevity by nature’s best-sellers now available at Earth Fare supermarkets

Published: 8-Nov-2023

Longevity by Nature, a manufacturer of natural, science-based nutritional supplements that support a wide range of health benefits, announces that two of its top sellers are now available in all Earth Fare supermarkets

Earth Fare is a 20-store grocery chain that specialises in natural and healthy products.

Earth Fare now carries two products manufactured by Longevity by Nature: kollaJell Brain & Memory Support, a first-of-its-kind collagen supplement made from jellyfish collagen peptide that’s unique for its brain health benefits; and Persimonal Cardiovascular Health Support, a supplement made from pure persimmon leaf extract.

“We are excited to expand into more and more retail stores, and Earth Fare is a great fit for our all-natural supplements,” said Abdul Alkayali, Longevity by Nature Vice President and cofounder. 

Longevity by Nature is a California-based manufacturer of dietary supplements using only nature for ingredient sources.

Longevity by Nature is a trusted name for products for rejuvenation, health, and longevity; all products are filler-free and contain no sugars or sugar substitutes, no artificial flavourings, and no ingredients isolated from petroleum.

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Longevity by Nature’s branded family of 10 dietary supplements support longevity, joint health, healthy aging, beauty, the immune system, and heart, brain, and cognitive health. Products are formulated with innovative, science-based ingredients. 

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