Indena supports Hyris bCUBE diagnostic technology

Published: 21-Oct-2020

The device adopts CDC and WHO ‘gold standard’ genomic sequences for the detection of SARS- CoV-2

Hyris and Indena are jointly developing specific identification methods, or DNA barcoding tests, to determine the traceability and identity of botanical raw materials. Hyris portable bCUBE platform enables this testing, assisting Indena’s partners, clients, and their end consumers.

The bCUBE is a miniaturised device for the analysis of nucleic acids which is designed and produced in Italy in accordance with quality and engineering requirements.

Hyris’ diagnostic system, which is able to detect the presence of Coronavirus in less than two hours, has been approved by the Canadian Government for PCR human tests in point of care, and is now the only authorised diagnostic medical device, currently available on the market in Canada.

Certified to both European and North American standards, the bCUBE deploys PCR (polymerase chain reaction) technology which has been validated in clinical trials; similar trials are currently underway with the FDA.

The bCUBE enables direct connectivity to the proprietary Hyris bAPP cloud-based platform, which can be interfaced from any mobile device such as a smartphone. On top of that, the bCUBE includes an integrated module of artificial intelligence which not only learns from all existing connected ‘cubes’, but also provides automatically interpreted results, which Hyris says are easy to read even for non-specialised personnel.

“We’ve been using Hyris’ technology for years, mainly for DNA testing of plants and extracts, and the InDNA program has been implemented in our quality system, as part of the proper identification of starting materials and ingredients; we have directly experienced the reliability and the uniqueness of such technology,” said Daniele Giavini, MD of Indena. “Now we congratulate the Company for the new virus finder kit Hyris developed for the Diagnosis of Covid-19; it will contribute in a very innovative way to face the pandemic challenges”.

“Indena, once again thanks to its pioneering attitude, had the intuition to identify technologies with great potential, external to company’s business but strongly related to it,” said Benedetto Della Beffa, Vice President of IdB Holding, parent company of Indena. “These technologies have been added as a further tool for Indena's great dedication to excellence in quality, to guarantee safety and efficacy of its products”.

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