IMA announces its preliminary results for 2015

Published: 19-Feb-2016

Group passes revenue milestone of €1bn

The board of directors of IMA SpA, world leaders in the production of automatic packaging machines, recently met under the chairmanship of Alberto Vacchi to review the preliminary estimates of the group's main operating figures for 2015.

The IMA Group closed 2015 with preliminary consolidated revenues of more than €1bn — €1109.5m to be precise — an increase of 29.8% compared with €854.6m at 31 December 2014.

There has been a significant growth in gross operating profit (EBITDA) before non-recurring charges, which has risen to €157.5m (+19.7% compared with €131.6m at 31 December 2014), in gross operating profit (EBITDA), which has risen to €148m (+13.6% compared with €130.3m at 31 December 2014) and in the group order book, which has reached €649.9m (+23.6% compared with €525.9m at 31 December 2014).

The preliminary results for 2015 indicate that it was a year of further growth compared with the previous year, thanks to a positive trend in sales of automatic machines to the group's key sectors (pharmaceutical and food) and to the contribution of the newly acquired Dairy & Food and Teknoweb businesses, which have been consolidated from March 2015.

The preliminary figure for the IMA Group's net debt at 31 December 2015 comes to €163.1m (€118.4m at 31 December 2014). This figure has increased because of the outlay of €68.1m for the acquisition of the Dairy & Food and Teknoweb businesses and includes dividends paid during 2015, which overall amounted to €50.6m.

Commenting on the preliminary figures for 2015, Alberto Vacchi, IMA's Chairman and CEO, declared: 'We are very pleased to have passed the revenue milestone of €1bn for the very first time in the group's history, posting an increase of 29.8% compared with the previous year. We are proud to have achieved the targets that we set for 2015, not only for the performance in terms of revenues and profitability, but also because this growth was seen in all of our business lines and in the main world markets, confirming the strength of our brand and of our product policies.'

He added: 'The pharmaceutical sector has been particularly positive, with a significant increase in sales of machines and complete production lines that have become increasingly innovative and efficient. As regards the food sector, by acquiring the Dairy & Food business, the group has been able to expand its offer in a market that has generally good prospects for future development. The trend in the group order book at the end of December, which has continued to grow in January, gives us good visibility for the current year, allowing us to look forward with confidence to how 2016 is likely to evolve. The expansion of the core businesses and the exploration of new markets are the guidelines for the current year, again with a view to sustainable growth.'

The final results for 2015 will be considered by the board of directors of IMA SpA at a meeting scheduled for 14 March 2016.

The manager responsible for the preparation of the company's accounting documents, Sergio Marzo, declares in accordance with article 154 bis paragraph 2 of the Consolidated Finance Act that the accounting information contained in this press release agree with the books of account, the accounting entries and supporting documentation.

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