Human trial demonstrates TSI ingredient's gut health benefits

Published: 12-Oct-2021

GlucosaGreen is a non-shellfish derived glucosamine ingredient

A human clinical trial, recently published in Nutrients, has reportedly demonstrated TSI Group's glucosamine ingredient, GlucosaGreen, has functional gut health benefits and may benefit muscle health.

“All of our R&D is focused on how to make GlucosaGreen better for end-users,” said President of TSI Group Bio-Active Ingredients Division Will Ji. “Our focus is on industry leadership, pioneering and innovation. We are researching other ways that glucosamine can benefit people and our planet. Through our efforts, we are getting a much better picture of what glucosamine, and specifically GlucosaGreen, can do.”

For the double-blind, placebo-controlled crossover clinical trial participants completed two supplementation protocols during which they consumed 3000 mg of GlucosaGreen daily, each spanning three weeks, with a washout period that lasted at least two weeks.

Researchers reportedly found the ingredient provided functional gut health benefits, reduced bloating, constipation and hard stools while inducing changes in the microbiota and metabolome. One crucial finding was that supplementation increased faecal nitrogen retention, especially the retention of amino acids linked to muscle health.

“This could lead to future research and the use of the glucosamine in muscle health, such as age-related muscle loss (sarcopenia), or other incidences in which muscle protein breakdown is increased (e.g. calorie restricted diets, hospitalisation, immobilisation),” said study Co-Investigator Ralf Jager, PhD.

TSI Group Director of Marketing & Business Development Peter Mazzilli said: “This also means that glucosamine could be the optimal anti-ageing ingredient, as it works on joints, and potentially on muscle health. These, along with brain health, are usually the key targets for healthy ageing.”

“In keeping with all of our other primary research, this most recent trial is about validating our GlucosaGreen process and demonstrating claims through clinical trials for our brand customers,” said Mazzilli. “I know of no other company that exemplifies this level of dedication to seeing what else their products can do. TSI Group is committed to getting our ingredients from the source to consumers with as much transparency as possible, and to dedicating the resources to make our products even better."

Produced by direct-fermentation process technology, the ingredient fits into modern sustainability trends, the company says. In addition to addressing vegan, kosher and allergen concerns, the product reportedly addresses the environmental pollution caused by the process of extracting chitin from shellfish.

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