Study reveals key to muscle health improvement

Published: 1-Jun-2023

A new study has unveiled a link between TSI Group's HMB product and muscle health improvements in older adults with sarcopenia

A recent study has revealed the link between a dietary supplement and muscle health improvements in older adults with sarcopenia. 

While the role of dietary supplement ingredients is to help maintain health, studies that examine their impact on unhealthy populations can help to put their benefits into clearer perspective. A recently published study on β-Hydroxy β-Methyl Butyrate Monohydrate (HMB), an ingredient known to support muscle health, is an excellent example.

This randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, published in the Journal of Nutrition, Health and Aging, evaluated the benefits of HMB supplementation on older adults with sarcopenia. Sarcopenia is a medical condition characterised by extreme muscle loss.

The 12-week study determined that HMB significantly enhanced the effect of resistance training on muscle strength, physical performance and muscle quality. It also reduced inflammatory markers.

Muscle reserves naturally decline with age. Being proactive is much better than being reactive

TSI Group’s branded ingredient, myHMB, is the world’s only USP-verified HMB. It is backed by more than 50 published studies including NIH-funded studies assessing its muscle health benefits on healthy older populations. While the company did not solicit or generate this sarcopenia study, representatives have commented on its significance.

“HMB, in conjunction with other nutrients, has been shown to have an effect on muscle wasting. From TSI Group’s perspective, this is another confirmatory study that takes it one step further by demonstrating HMB’s impact on a sarcopenic population, instead of simply hypothesising about it,” says TSI Group Vice President of Business Development Shawn Baier (pictured). 

Baier continued: “Muscle reserves naturally decline with age. Being proactive is much better than being reactive. The earlier we can intervene, the better. We now have evidence that HMB helps muscle health across all categories, even after muscle loss has progressed into sarcopenia. It makes sense that HMB be considered a great first-line defense against age-related muscle loss.”

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