Fytexia introduces Sinetrol Active

Published: 11-May-2018

Fytexia potentiates the weight loss benefits of sports practice with a new ingredient

The French company Fytexia will introduce Sinetrol Active Living at Vitafoods 2018.

Behaviours toward dieting have evolved. Consumers have shifted to a holistic health focus where weight management is seen as part of an overall healthy lifestyle and sports is more often included in a fat loss strategy: more than 70% of people trying to lose weight plan to exercise (Nielsen, 2015).

Sinetrol Active living is a clinically proven ingredient for weight management dedicated to physically active subjects, helping individuals to boost the benefits of the sports session they perform.

Bioactive polyphenols from citrus have been proven effective in burning fat by way of enhancing lipolysis. Sinetrol Active Living combines orange, grapefruit and guarana extracts to enhance physiological fat destocking, with L-carnitine to metabolise energy into higher levels of free fatty acids released during physical activity.

Sinetrol Active Living operates at 2 levels: in the intensification of physiological adipose lipolysis and in the efficiency of fat transport, a metabolic pathway at the foundation of everyday aerobic-based exercise.

Two proprietary clinical studies (double-blind, randomised and placebo-controlled) demonstrate the results of the citrus-based supplementation. Not only did subjects taking Sinetrol significantly lose weight (ie fat mass), but they also significantly gained lean mass.

Supplementation induced a healthier body composition: the lean-to-fat mass ratio improved by 8.1%. Naturally, as lean mass is more demanding than fat mass in terms of energy, supplemented subjects significantly increased their daily expenditure of energy by 10%: subjects taking Sinetrol increased total daily energy expenditure by 180 kcal/day.

During an 8-week study on an recreationally active population, subjects supplemented with Sinetrol Active Living increased their aerobic capacity – the privileged metabolism to burn fat during exercise – as measured by a significant increase in V02 max. Moreover, subjects taking Sinetrol Active Living experienced a better metabolic use of their stored fat to produce energy.

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