FYTEXIA enters sports nutrition market with four new ingredients

Published: 5-Sep-2016

French supplier FYTEXIA will kick-off SupplySide West 2016 with a Grand Opening ceremony built around the release of an entirely new line of branded, clinically proven ingredients for sports nutrition

The aim of FYTEXIA is to bringing out the vast – and mostly unexploited – potential of natural polyphenols for the optimisation of physical activity.

Under the leadership of Dr Julien Cases, Head of Innovation and Scientific Affairs, FYTEXIA investigated specific combinations of bioactives from fruit and vegetables and their demonstrable benefits for the active consumer. Through this research, Cases’s team created three innovative ingredients for key existing market categories, as well as a breakthrough solution to address a new and growing demand:

  • PerfLoad: a performance-enhancing system based on extracts of grape, pomegranate and green tea
  • BurnToRun: a combination of citrus fruits, L-carnitine and guarana seeds to increase endurance capacity
  • TensLess: a recovery accelerator composed of elderberry, mangosteen and pomegranate fruit extracts
  • HolisFiit: a solution to maximise the body-mind benefits of wellness-oriented activities such as yoga or Pilates.

FYTEXIA’s decision to initiate these innovation projects was triggered not only by sports nutrition’s fast-growing revenues, but also by the extension of its consumer base from hardcore bodybuilders to everyday fitness enthusiasts. With the market evolving into the mainstream, brands willing to sustainably occupy the new space must create products suited for mainstream exposure.

In other words, formulas must be perfectly safe, supported by strong human evidence, and made of non-GMO ingredients that people can recognise and trust.

Fruit and vegetable polyphenols can combine all those aspects – if sourced properly and if investigated through well-designed clinical research. Using its expertise in this area, FYTEXIA enacted a strategic plan to simultaneously deliver four ingredients as a diversified and consistent new line offering each fitness enthusiasts and athletes the ideal support for their workout.

SupplySide West 2016 will mark the completion of the development work, with a launch supported not only by the Grand Opening ceremony and a large booth presence, but also by an entirely redesigned graphic identity for FYTEXIA’s marketing materials.

New investors, new growth ambitions

The launch of FYTEXIA’s new sports nutrition line will take place just a few months after the company completed a new round of investment with French venture capital fund ArchiMed. ArchiMed, Europe’s first independent private equity healthcare specialist, acquired stake in FYTEXIA in June 2016, allowing the company to make the best of its potential as a worldwide industry leader in clinically proven fruit and vegetable polyphenol ingredients.

According to Lionel Schmitt, President at FYTEXIA: 'FYTEXIA has demonstrated outstanding growth during the past 4 years. In this context, we share with Archimed the same vision and ambition for the company and aim at speeding up our development by leveraging our science platform and our international setup to take the company into the next level.'

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