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Published: 9-Aug-2023

Stress is a major challenge that many face around the world. The circumstances surrounding the pandemic have only exacerbated the number of people facing this

A World Health Organization report indicated that the pandemic triggered a 25% increase in the prevalence of stress and low mood worldwide. Depressive symptoms grew from a base of about 193 million people worldwide to 246 million, which is about 28%. Anxiety disorders grew from about 298 million people affected to 374 million, which is about a 25% increase.

The impacts of stress go beyond the brain, contributing to suboptimal cardiovascular, digestive, hormonal, metabolic, and cognitive health as well as poor sleep quality.

Three Botanicals to Address the Stress:  CALMaluma™, Affron®, and CPO® Lavender


CALMaluma™ is a proprietary extract of a succulent plant, caralluma (Caralluma fimbriata) with standardization to pregnane glycosides. CALMAluma™ has been the subject of a published clinical trial which demonstrated a reduction in measures of occasional stress while also improving a measure of an individual’s positive affect.

CPO® Lavender

CPO® Lavender is the combination of Pharmako Biotechnologies’ novel method to convert oil into a compressible powdered oil (CPO®) with lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) oil. This lavender oil is enhanced by another technology by Pharmako, Aquacelle® which allows it to have up to twice the absorption in comparison to unformulated lavender oil. Lavender has a history of traditional use to provide relief from occasional stress as well as low mood.


Affron® is a patented and clinically substantiated saffron (Crocus sativus) extract. To date, the material has been the subject of eight clinical trials (with more to follow) which demonstrate support for the safety, bioavailability, and efficacy for a wide variety of health benefits. Support for occasional stress and feelings of low mood can be achieved with affron® using just 28 milligrams per day.  

With innovation being at the forefront of creating efficacious products, CALMaluma™, CPO® Lavender and affron® offer formulators and marketers three unique opportunities to “address the stress”. The technology used with CPO® Lavender also allows for the opportunity to formulate tablets as well as liquids with improved functionality and bioavailability in dietary supplements and functional foods.  With numerous clinical trials to serve as substantiation for these ingredients, formulating a compelling formula is readily achievable.

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