Euromed launches Earth Harmony Organic Extracts

Published: 20-May-2020

Demand for organic certified dietary supplements was reported to have increased by 18% during 2015-2019, according to research by Innova Market Insights

Euromed has announced the introduction of Earth Harmony Organic Extracts. Consumers are increasingly seeking out organic certified dietary supplements that provide assurance of guaranteed traceability and sustainability of ingredients used in the products.

Earth Harmony Organic Extracts are manufactured under the highest standard of organic certification, European Union (EU) EEC834/2007.

All Euromed organic shipments from its two production facilities in Spain to the US are accompanied by a US National Organic Programme (NOP) Import Certificate. This designates that its Earth Harmony Organic Extracts may be used in food and dietary supplements available in the US that are labelled as organic.

The sourcing of organic medicinal herbs is challenging as their availability is limited, but Euromed is at an advantage thanks, in part, to its 50-year relationship with farmers and botanical experts. Its staff agronomists co-ordinate the required harvest volume and optimal timing to procure the highest quality organic certified raw herbs it purchases.

All raw material must satisfy extensive quality parameters from international botanical monographs, including comprehensive potential impurity testing.

“Earth Harmony Organic Extracts represent the pinnacle of our commitment to traceability through the intrinsic exhaustive level of documentation imperative to achieve EU organic certification,” said Andrea Zangara, Head of Scientific Communications and Marketing of Euromed SA.

Euromed’s extraction facilities in Spain are well situated to process locally cultivated Mediterranean organic herbs such as rosemary leaf, olive fruit and pomegranate fruits, some of which are obtained using its ecofriendly Pure-Hydro water extraction process.

Since its 1971 corporate origin, Euromed has integrated sustainability into every facet of its operation. This includes raw material sourcing, processing and packaging and extensive quality certifications.

Even wildcrafted herbs such as saw palmetto berry and black cohosh root must be sustainably harvested to preserve the species viability for future generations.

One manifestation of Euromed’s ongoing commitment is its ISO 14001 certification granted for its environmental sustainability programme.

Euromed is striving to implement best-in-class business practices by reducing the application of agricultural chemicals during medicinal plant cultivation and its consequential negative impact on the environment.

Earth Harmony Organic Extracts are good for the planet, the growers’ health and supportive of ecologically aware consumers concerned about their global impact.

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