Energise your life with SantEnergy Nu

Published: 28-Jul-2020

SantEnergy Nu is a polyphenol-rich, high-quality powder extract, prepared from the leaves of santa herba, a plant native to California and Mexico

Thanks to the unique synergistic triple-mode action, SantEnergy Nu supports the body towards healthy ageing and acts as a metabolism booster.

  • it prevents formation of undesired end products, implicated in ageing process
  • has very strong antioxidant characteristics
  • shows caffeine-like energising and stimulating effects

Further, a significant reduction in body weight and body fat was shown in a placebo-controlled, double blind, randomised clinical trial with 50 obese volunteers.

After taking 400 mg of SantEnergy Nu for 12 weeks, body weight and body fat significantly reduced in these women. This makes it a perfect ingredient to support slimming diets.

Having a very pleasant taste and free flowing powder quality, SantEnergy Nu can be applied in many different product formats and can be combined easily with other ingredients, such as vitamins and minerals.

Possible application areas in the food and nutraceutical sector are metabolism booster, caffeine replacement, healthy ageing, antioxidant formulas, sports nutrition or slimming products.

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